New Program!! 90 Days to Flexible | Beginner’s Yoga for Men (Now available in the Members’ Area)

Yoga For Men
90-Days to Flexible is a 12-week guided series of workouts focused on increasing flexibility, perfect for beginners or experienced beginners. Each cycle includes five (5) total workouts of medium to moderate intensity, with four (4) 30-minute workouts and one (1) 50-60 minute workout.

This program is a 12-48 week guided series of yoga workouts to:
Increase flexibility in your spine, hips, and shoulders
Help you get rid of joint pain or other aches and pains caused by tight muscles
Lower your risk of preventable, soft-tissue related injury
Relieve physical [and mental] stress

Although it’s flexibility-focused, you’ll get plenty of strength and mobility work for your entire body as well. It’s designed to take you from beginner to intermediate in a matter of months, ideal for those who are both new to yoga and who aren’t flexible; with plenty of instructions to help you learn proper technique, along with modifications if you consider yourself inflexible.

Workouts are of an average to moderate intensity level, which makes it perfect to combine with an existing workout program (resistance training, running, cycling, etc). If you’re newer to fitness or rebuilding your fitness level, the workouts will be an ideal intensity for you as well. As the program progresses from beginner to more advanced, so too does the intensity of the workouts, so that by the end of the program you’ll be doing workouts mainly of a 4 out of 5 intensity.

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