Kundalini Yoga: Complete Spinal Series

Yoga For Men
This Kriya Yoga sequence from Yogi Bhajan’s Kundalini Yoga is designed to fully awaken the spinal column, the central nervous system and the main energy channel Sushumna Nadi. Great practice to keep the spine flexible, to cultivate radiant energy flow, and maintain youthfulness and vitality.

This is a powerfully stimulating practice! Make sure to conclude with a long meditation and a relaxing Savasana

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Practice Sequence:

Tune In: Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo
Sufi Grind
Row Boat
Cat Cow (lower and upper)
Spinal Twists (washing machine)
Breath Retention (hand throat & above head)
Ego Eradicator
Closing: Sat Nam

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Remember that Yoga is a spiritual practice with the primary intention of expanding consciousness and experiencing liberation. Any purported physical benefits are merely secondary side effects and may or may not happen for every practitioner. Not all practices are suitable for everyone. If you are unsure if a practice is safe and appropriate for you check with a qualified spiritual advisor and medical professional before attempting any such practices.

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