I am Not Afraid



I am not afraid to clearly let you know when your actions are devoid of courage and fuelled by fear.

I am not afraid to ask that there be more love, more truth, more realness in the space between us and the world around us.

I am not afraid to douse your illusions and help extinguish that which you need to relinquish in order to be truly free.

I am not afraid to stand firm, fleshy, ripe and bare as you attempt to grasp at the very excuses that leave you placid, lifeless and flaccid.

I am not afraid to be the embodiment of pure fire coursing through my veins burning off the karma of an eternity of silencing, shaming and suppression.

I am not afraid of you when you try to silence life’s truth.

I am not afraid to tell you the truth and risk losing you if you do not choose to be a warrior for love alongside me now.



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